How to make money from publishing and selling short stories and short books on Amazon

It is necessary to publish short stories, but the money is in e-books.

Specifically, the reading section on Amazon maps divided into book reading times of less than 100 pages.

This week I reached the top of a report from that analyzed more than 14,000 books to assess the commercial attractiveness of 144 Kindle Short Reads. The report also found that customers prefer longer books, so shorter books are best sold in lessons of 2 hours or more (65-100 pages).

In general, the same categories are more popular for short readings than in a regular Kindle store, but the actual price per. The page is 3.6 times higher for short measurements.

What does that mean for you?

Longer books sell better on Amazon, but short books also sell more and earn more per. Page. So you can focus on writing short books, writing them much faster than long books and still make money.

However, I can be sure that a lot of the money will go to short erotica (romance is twice as big as in the next most popular category). Nevertheless, 5 sales per day in one of the smaller categories is still quite high when about ten are short.

The hottest shortest categories are romance, thriller and suspense, as well as sci-fi fantasy (not surprisingly, these are the hottest book categories in the entire Amazon). If you enter the top 100 for short numbers, there are about 40 sales per day (if you enter the top 20, there are 116 sales per day).

I think certain genres (like erotica) do not care that you pay 99 cents or even 2.99 for a short reading, but other types of genres do not work as well (business books expect more meat, sci-fi / fantasy readers expect more stories – they can buy from a famous author of a short film, but maybe not from an author they do not recognize)

Why should I publish a short chapter?

Last year I tried to publish “half” of the books and make them permafrost – but it was actually about 40,000 words. To get to the card reading categories, I have to publish books that already contain 20,000 words (when I shot, I think up to 25,000 words would actually end up in short readings, but 20,000 is enough to capture their interest and hopefully satisfy) .

# 1. It’s a new class

Competing in the fantasy, sci-fi or thriller categories can be very difficult, but it is easier to place well in the short chapters in the same categories. It makes it perfect for my main generators: shorter e-books like prequels, deleted chapters, bonus scenes, etc. For each series I need at least a 20,000 filmless evergreen book that is somehow related to a story or at least the same word . This book will be an encouragement to either read more of the story, get the first book in the series and so on.

# 2.Pre-order

I have two books that I have not yet published. They need a lot of work, but I’m probably around 15,000 already. I could publish them now so I could appear in my classes. They provide more visibility because they are short chapters (I think) and they can act as placeholders until I am ready for the whole book. If they are not permanent, I will probably get better reviews (people get faster if you get them paid). It’s basically a free ad that leads to my ledger.

How To Make Money By Selling Short Stories On Amazon

I can also just publish the first chapters and keep it going (allowed even in KU, as long as it is less than 10% of the whole story) or use it to generate interest and my mailing list until the whole book is finished. Then I can edit Novell (or delete a section so that it is only 10% and not break KU’s rules) and link it to the general ledger OR I can just add the whole story to the same project.

It’s a little weird, and most reviews are turned off (because they only looked at the beginning and not the whole book), but it stays much better on Amazon because it has a lot of history, handles, reviews and also errors. This is probably how I do it – when I made a short lukun that replaced the whole document, it is no longer visible in short readings, but it remains higher than the sales line.

I have to send a copy of the book to my list, because if they download a short, free version, they may not be able to download a new full book.

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